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Okay, here goes.

I've been with my boyfriend for 3 months. We met in high school, dated then, broke up, and ended up at the same university and what not, where we ended up getting back together.

Anyways, I had all of his trust, until the other night where I lost it all. We had done something that was new for him, and something he wasn't all too comfortable with but trusted me to do it and not mess it up. A while after it happened, I felt the need to brag about it to our mutual friend because she was curious of the thing we did (not so much because of him and I). I didn't feel like lying to him about telling her, so I did, and he got really upset.

The next day we were talking about it, and he told me stop, so I changed the conversation. This ended up going to something his ex had written in her name about him. What went from being a simple question on my part turned into a huge fight. Which was not my intention at all, I started a separate conversation and that slipped in.

Later that night we talked it out. Well, he talked and I sat there and took it. The gist of it all was:
- I lost his trust because I told someone something extremely private that he wanted to be kept between us.
- I didn't think of how it would effect him by telling her, ie, only thinking of him as an after thought.
- I tend to think for myself instead of putting him first.
- Things have to be "my way or no way" (in his opinion)
- I throw things in his face, ie, he gets mad at me for something I do when he does it too (therefore, I bring it up) or when I get mad about something he's doing, he gets mad that I'm mad about it, and I bring up how he got mad when I did it, which just causes him to get worse.
- I seem to always need other people to tell me stuff before I fully understand or do it, even though I've been thinking of it on my own.

He says he doesn't want a project, he wants a girlfriend.
And that with the way things are going, i am the former not that latter.
I really want this to work, because I truly do love him, and came really close to losing him because of my actions.

How do I regain his trust?
How do I show him I am fixing the negative qualities I have?

I need help! :(

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