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Hello I got a wonderful girlfriend..we have been seeing each other for more then two years..we were engaged..but we moved back to girlfriend/boyfriend status..due to my girlfriends doubts and

we have had some talks serious ones...two big ones..where we are honest..not fights.just talks about feelings and being honest..we talk alot about everything and our open..which is good.

the two talks where about her doubts..not sure if I am the one..if she wants this relationship...if she is ready..the two big talks where about this..she has/had feelings for another guy her ex long time ago..but still has feelings.she came to the conclusion though that she was just using that as a way to escape..because she says she doubts if she is ready or not..

I dont know what to think..we worked it out..after these big talks..we came to the conclusion as we are now..we are gonna and try working it out...I've asked her you love me and want to be with me..she says yes..but she is affraid of her doubts..she is affraid that they may be true or to big to get over..I said I am willing to work it out with you.if you want..

I said to her..I love gotta decide whats best..for you and for others..I said its not fair for both of us to keep each other stringed gotta decide

honestly..the two big talks hurt me inside..the first one i was able to easily get over..the last one...just touches my heart..I love her..but I know its not good for people to string each other along..if its not meant to be..I just want advice

she does seem distant..I am confused at times...she loves me and displays if everything is ok..but she does seem distant...I just want her to get over her doubts..or make a choice I love her enough to admit to let her go...but I need to take care of myself and not get stringed along

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