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[QUOTE=trystme;4247469]Ok, this is just the sense that I get from what you have said. Yes, he does find you attractive but for whatever reason he is holding back. It does seem as though he is flirting with you but he isn't willing to take it to the next step.

There could be a lot of reasons for that. It could be that he doesn't want to get involved with someone with a troubled past and troubled children. I know that I wouldn't. That is just asking for a lot of drama. It could be that it is a conflict of interest. It could be that he really does have a girlfriend that you don't know about. It could be that his buddies are razing him about getting involved with you. It could be anything really.

Just leave him alone. If he wants you, then he will come to you. He knows that you are interested and there for the taking. There is nothing else to be done about it.[/QUOTE]

Thanks for the advice, and not because it was something I wanted to hear but this is the impression I get also. I too understand, I come with a lot of drama and no matter what will always have the ass for the ex. He just confuses me cuz he continues to do the flirting thing and usually is the one to start. During the one converation something had come up about it taking time. I dont rememeber because usually when I get around him my head just spins:dizzy:

But you are right, regardless the info is out there, he knows how I feel. He knows how to find me and if the time is ever right he will. Just needed some advice from outside the box. My two closest friends that have met him with me feel like th vibes are great and there is definately interest. They are pretty much honest with me about a lot of things and even at one point told me to back off but when the one met him last week and by the way he was acting with me, she actually encouraged me to make "one more call". And I do believe he is concerned about my son, that is why he brings him up every conversation but he seemed very pleased to hear all the improvements the other day.

Thank you again and from this point on, I am going to continue with my walks because I do enjoy them but just going to expect to be running into him along the way.

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