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I know this question has been posted on here before but I feel like this is ruining my relationship. This may be a bit long but I want to explain the entire situation and get everyone's opinion. Here it goes:

My girlfriend and I started dating back in December of 2008. During our first date, she asked me how many people I've been with. I was with the same girl for 7 years (I'm 26, I was 25 at the time) so I've only had one partner. She responded with 4.

This came up later on in a discussion and some how we started talking about her partners and how they treated her, etc. It then came out there was one more guy and this really bothered me. Apparently, this is who she lost her virginity too and I guess she was a bit ashamed of it because it wasn't a relationship or anything. This really bothered me.. I think more for the fact that she lied to me.

I am not a perfect person, but I believe that honesty is extremely important in a relationship. Whether it hurts the other person or not, being honest is very important. I still think about this too this day and it's been nearly a year since we had this discussion. I now have it in my head that she's lying to me about her past partners.

We one day started talking about this guy that I went to school with in this area who was a complete loser (drugs, etc). She told me that he was at a party she went to once with a friend and they all started doing drugs and they left. It came up again at a future date and she told me that her friend set her up on a blind date with him and she left after he started doing drugs. This bothered me because once again, she lied to me.

Today, someone I went to school with and who's friends with my girlfriend (who was supposedly the girl who set these two up) was having computer problems. I contacted her on FB and asked her if she needed me to come over there and fix it for her (I have my own computer repair business) and at the end of the message I joked and said "What were you thinking trying to hook up with ?" She responded with: "Oh that was all her, she found him on MySpace and I told her he was a druggie and a loser." She then went on to say that he stood her up on a few dates because he ended up getting arrested for drugs or something. I confronted my girlfriend on this and she said it wasn't true but then got angry at me for worrying about the past.

I know I'm going to get alot of responses that say it's none of my business but I don't necessarily agree. Do I want to know every pressing detail about her past? Absolutely not. But I do feel that honesty is very important and I'd rather her be honest with me FROM THE START. I don't believe she had anything more with this guy but it's just the lying that bothers me.

I would like everyone's thoughts on this and please tell me if I'm getting crazy. I don't know why this is bothering me so much but it is to the point where I have a knot in my chest. I don't like being lied to and I don't like the thought of my girlfriend not being honest about her past.

I need help here everyone because this is destroying our relationship.

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