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Dude, You should just calm down and give her some space...I'm going through a very similar situation with my ex at the moment. I related to your topic so much and want to share mine. Me and her just broke up a month ago. I did it. We confessed a whole bunch of shit to each other which Idn what to believe. I took her virginity a year ago. We been dating for the past 6 months(been on and off for 4 years). She told me before we started dating like 9 months ago that she had sex with this guy. Now I'm no better, I lived an hour from her during this period and had sex with some girls. We weren't dating but ya know how it goes, we were close still. I felt horrible after I broke it off...I instantly wanted her back 2 weeks ago and now I'm paying for it. She wants a break, I mean I did the breaking up but she want's the break haha. I'm physically sick just thinking about what she's doing, who she's with. She claims to just want time to think and be with her friends. In my mind that means hang out with guys. Don't make anything worse with your girl from here on out. You don't wanna be in my shoes right now. I'm a mess and love the sh*t out of her...I stopped calling/texting and see where that leads me. I wonder if shes with a guy? I mean I can be with a girl but, do I want too really? No, I want her and hopefully she comes around and we get back together. I took her for granted. Be well my friend and will update each other through this board.

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