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[COLOR="DarkOrchid"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Hi all :cool:

It’s been a while since I posted here, but nothing much changes with me and my ability to fall in love and get my heart broken at the drop of a hat!

Through a local advertising website I befriended a Polish girl who was looking for a place to live (since I am looking for a new flat mate). We got chatting and decided we’d meet for a drink. Our personalities clicked and we were exchanging text messages within a few hours of basic introductions – we were friendly and very flirty.

I started to worry that one of us would be disappointed by the gap between expectation and reality when we met a few days later. I told her I was worried she might not like me as much in person as she liked my personality, but she assured me she goes more for personality than looks. Cut to last Friday and we went for a drink.

The upshot is she doesn’t want anything to develop between us romantically :( And the main reason I am sad is because I haven’t got along with a girl like that in such a long time – if ever. We have so many quirks in common and she’s incredibly cute, as well as being on my wavelength when it comes to flirting.

She wasn’t the best looking girl I’ve ever been involved with, but – to begin with – I really could see us going on some more dates. I realised half way through the evening, however, that she had been carefully disguising her disinterest. At the end of the night, she made it sound like we’d see each other again but I realised the prognosis wasn’t good.

I don’t believe in game playing so I just went for it and asked her directly the next evening, by text message (since this is how we’d been communicating), if she’d like to go for a meal and a film the next week. She eventually replied and said “you’re a really, really, really sweet guy, but I don’t think things between you and me could go anywhere”.

I was crestfallen but I did what I always do and picked myself up off the ground and got on with things. So I went for a run and a swim in the river (a rarity in the UK!). On the way back home I bumped into a French girl I see on my way to and from work. This girl caught my eye last year but I’ve only ever had the courage to say hi and make small talk.

When I bumped into her yesterday, however, I figured I should just go for it – the adrenaline was pumping from my run! It seemed like fate that I met her. We had a little chat and I asked her if she’d like to go for a drink with me and she gave me a genuine smile and said she’d like to. She took my number and gave me a missed call.

So I ran home on cloud nine again! But then, by the end of the night, I found myself wondering what was going on with the Polish girl. We both love guinea pigs and I’d taken a photo of my dad’s guinea pigs when I was over there for a family barbecue. I couldn’t resist in the end and I sent her a picture message to show them to her, since we had discussed them quite a lot.

She replied a while later to say thank you for sending the photo and asked how my day had gone. I told her about the situation with the French girl, saying I believed it was fate. I wasn’t trying to elicit a reaction from her. We went on to compare sunburn stories and she said it was a shame she didn’t have somebody to rub after sun on her shoulders.

I got the impression she was a bit miffed that I’d got myself a date on the same day she blew me out, as though she expected me to be moping around over her :rolleyes:

I miss the Polish girl. Texting her last week was full of so much promise – mostly that I had found somebody who I get along with first and foremost as a friend. I’ve got plenty of friends, and I’m sure she has too. But I was hoping that even if we weren’t a match romantically, we could do things together.

She said she maybe we could meet for a drink “sometime” but it felt like one of those things people say to soften the blow. I haven’t texted her today, and I doubt she will text me. But I am considering contacting her in a few days, even if it’s just to say hello. I want to tell her I miss hearing from her but I know that’s a no no :nono:

I’m scared that I’ll find myself comparing the French girl to the Polish girl and she won’t match up to her in terms of compatibility for me – and cuteness! I’m also now worried that the only reason I asked her out is because I subconsciously recognised it as an opportunity to get the attention of the Polish girl.

The questions: Do you guys think the Polish girl would still want to be my friend now she knows she doesn’t find me attractive? And is it a good idea for me to be her friend anyway? I hate it when the physical side of things gets between a blossoming relationship and you have to lose everything because of it :([/FONT][/COLOR]

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