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My ex bf would do this same thing. HE COULD EVEN CRY! Go figure. I've rarely seen a man cry, and this one would cry everytime I would start to gain a spine, and it was worse then any form of abuse he could have dished out on me. It was a game for him. Then later, if I ever brought it up again, he would do the same also. He's get mad at me, tell me it was in my head, or tell me that he said he was sorry so I needed to drop it, or even tell me that because I allways hound him over everything is the reason why he did it in the first place. Now get this ruby, I own my home, I have no debt, I have investments and a monthly income. This guy lived off of me for 8 months, in my home, with me and my kids, and he rarely worked. When he did, the money went for HIM, not the family because HE earned it. It didn't matter that the rest of the time I had supported him. And he felt entitled to treat me any way he wanted. Even worse still.......then the family started to come around. Daddy was losing his home and needed 1,000 dollars to get himself into a new place. Big sister was in court because her ex husband was going after her for custody and she needed 2,500 for a lawyer. Then he was behind on his child support and I had to help catch him up. But mark my word, if I so much as gave a funny look at any of them, all hell broke loose and it was MY fault. In the end I got pregnant, he told me to abort it and I said no. He left, the family never paid me back, and now I dont hear from any of them. Do you want to end up like this? Not to mention all the stuff I found out was going on behind my back. Apparently he was using drugs behind my back and everything else! I have never even had a speeding ticket! I have never done drugs! I pay my bills and donate when I have a little extra. I go to church and I try to be responsible by myself and my children. But this guy drug me so far down, it almost broke me. And that was after 8 months. There's sooooooooooo much more to the story and I could go on all day telling you one bad story after another about him. And what did I do? NOTHING! I thought If I was quieter, prettier, nicer, more giving, more concerned, he would be nicer to me. WHAT A JOKE! In the end he was a user and a loser, and so is the guy you are with. You need to listen to that little voice that is telling you this is bad and throw him out. And if you dont have the strength to do it on your own, talk to your parents. They will stand behind you and help you do the deed. It is THEIR home after all. Think about it.

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