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Hello all....

I have been with my boyfriend for 8 months now. The first 5 months of our union was amazing. We saw each other as much as we could and after about 3 months, I brought my children into the spectrum. Well, after the amazing 5 months together, he received an Email from a women that used to be, for lack of a better term, a "F" buddy for him. She was informing him of her schedule incase he ever wanted to see her. After about 2 weeks, he wrote her back and they set up a time to meet. Well, I called him on all his BS because I went through his Emails (he gave me his login and password) and demanded an explanation. He swore to me that he'd be a total fool to ever cheat on me and that if that was his plan (but isn't), why the hell would he give me his password and login and attempt it, literally, right in my plain sight? I wasn't too sure I agreed with the one he gave me.....but I had no proof that anything went on, so I dropped it. After that night and the huge fight that we got in, he came over to my house to break up with me over the lack of trust and wound up never leaving and has since moved in. Well, this woman continued to Email my boyfriend extremely out of line content and he did nothing to stop it. It drove me insane. So much so, I became obsessed with checking his Emails and phone records to see how often he contacted her or her, him. comes another strange phone number to our phone bill. Text messages everyday and phone calls to and from. I was pissed. So, I called him on that issue also. He stated she was a friend of his and 2 of his other friends and was going to pull some strings to get him a job. Ok...fine! But, why does she need to blow up his phone? Especially considering she's, "happily married"! So what did I do? I called her and she told me the same thing he did. So, I dropped it but never once hid the fact I called her. I came right out and told him. Not to mention, told him I have gone though our phone bill and his Emails.
Well, a few days ago, things really came to a head. The "out of line" girl sent him an Email that is just simply NOT OKAY for a woman to be sending to a man she she apparently knows has a girlfriend. So, I exploded and when he said he was leaving me, I said fine and handed him his keys. We were both beyond pissed off. A 3.5 hour text message fight and few words exchanged over the course of the next 2 days, he decided that we were through and there was no saving our relationship despite of the fact we love each one another. I didn't budge on my point of not being respected and that things like this are simply not okay when you have a girlfriend. I also went ahead to mention the phone call/text message person too - while I was at it. He insists the phone call chick is just a friend and the "out of line" woman is just plain crazy and has been the years he's known her. Still, not an excuse! So anyway.....he came over to my house early one morning after getting off work and to my knowledge, the night before had it in his head that we were through and he would only be coming over to get more of his things moved out. But then he sat down in our room and said to me, "I had a thought last night". When I asked what it was, he said that the idea of me and my girls with another man really bothered him and he couldn't shake the idea of it. He didn't like it and he stated that he couldn't understand why he felt that way but the more he thought about it, the more pissed off he got at the the idea of me laying next to someone else every night and my daughters crawling up into the lap of someone else. I will admit perhaps my jealously and insecurities got way out of hand but I came from a broken marriage that was destroyed for those exact reasons. I was cheated on and made a fool of. So, to hear this man tell me that he could not stand the idea of me and my daughters with another man and that he loved the idea of us and loved me made me wonder - does he really have it inside him to stray? Or, did it finally hit him how much I really do mean to him? Well, later on that day, he went on to tell me that after he left my house the night before, he called the "out of line" lady and told her that she needed to leave him alone. The next day, went on to tell me that over Memorial Wknd, I will be meeting the "phone call" lady.
I want so badly to believe him, as I love this man a great deal but I can't help but wonder, am I just being a fool? Is he only staying with me because I allow this behavior to continue? I am aware that he's entitled to have female friends, as I have male ones, but I made my point over and over again that he needs to be a little more open with me about the context of these friendships. Don't let me find stuff - just come out and tell me about it first and we won't have these problems.
Any insight would be greatly appreciated because I am sort of torn. He had the option to not tell me he called that woman to have her leave him alone, or to give me the opportunity to meet his phone/texting friend but he went ahead and disclosed that information and in general, has treated me in a very loving/affectionate manner.

What do I do?

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