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Re: Angry boyfriend
May 31, 2010
[QUOTE=hunnypie042608;4256468]I know he's having some problems at work. He works in a paper mill and its swing shift. His relief is constantly calling off so instead of his normal 8 hour shift, he works 12-16 hour shifts. I don't want to leave him because he's got nobody else. He doesnt have a close relationship with his mom and his father is too much of a pussy to stand up to my boyfriends mother. She's constantly on him about something or other, even though he doesn't live in her house. His anger usually surrounds work and driving. He has road rage.

How Can I help him through his anger? I don't want to turn my back on him like everyone else has.[/QUOTE]

You said he's having problems at his job. With most people.....(i.e. those who do not have issues with anger management)...they come home, tell their significant other all about the perrils of their workday, and end it with a, "man it's good to be home." They dont throw things, kick things, break things, etc.

Second you said he has nobody who is close to him.....honestly? He has no friends, or family who are close? Normally, there is a reason for that....and it isn't that everyone else is so gosh darn mean. This should tell you something.

Then you said his dad is too much of a wimp to stand up to his mom. There is another way to look at it....maybe he's too much of a wimp to stand up to his son....or both! Who knows, maybe his mom was the very beginning root to his anger issues. It matters not today however! She could die and it wouldn't change the person he is. He has to. He's an adult now and has created his own life patterns and there isn't room for blaming anyone else for them, any longer.

You said that you dont want to leave him like everyone else. If you stay, you will not get through to him. You are setting yourself up for a very long journey down a very dark and scary path.

Now, here's something you CAN do. You really want to help him? I'm assuming your intelligent enough to know that the person has to want help, and be willing to get it. So suggest to him that you think he may have a problem with anger management! Suggest that you think he needs help! If he say's yes, ok, I will get some help....then GREAT! The two of you maybe could even go together! If he denies there is a problem however, again, you have just done all you can do. And that one single action ought to be enough for you to wake up and realize, YOU CANT SAVE HIM! On the flip side to this......maybe just the thought of telling him he needs help is sooooooo scary you wont do it. Maybe you are terrified of making him angry and setting him off. If that's the case, that ought to tell you something too! But no matter what, you should know that in a healthy relationship, it is ok to bring things up to your partner, and there should never be fear of how angry they are going to get.

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