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Okay, so, I was in a relationship for someone, for two years - with a break in the middle, of roughly 6 weeks, maybe two months. Anyways, during that whole relation, she'd talk about getting married, and having children with me one day. It never crossed my mind, I really couldn't see it, I know it's bad, but I'd just shrug it off, give her a peck on the head and say "One day".

We broke up, just after New Years Eve, my heart just wasn't in it, and I'd met someone before that, about two or three months before the break, that I immediatly developed heavy feelings for - and thankfulyl, she felt the same way about me.

So all my life, I've not really wanted marrage, or kids - I pictured my older years as one man, one flat in the city somewhere, and his dog - kinda thing. Never saw myself a family man, but since being with my new partner - I want that, incredibly bad - it's nothing anyones said to me, it's just a feeling of "This is the one, I want children, I want marrage with this woman."

And so, a couple of nights ago, we were out with friends, and 'our song' came on, so I took her up to dance, and during, told her how I felt, I said "I can see that future, it's so real, I just know I want this with you." and emotionally blabbered on further, but it's not relevant.

Turns out. She really wants everything I do. Brilliant! And I quote, "If you were to ask me tomorrow, Matt. I'd say yes."

But I just wanted some outside opinions, is it never too early? I was going to ask her on her birthday, this year, October 15th - which'd make us together around nine months?

But it would be nice to find some external opinions, maybe some stories from married couples, how long were you together before you got engaged/married?

Thanks for your time and any advice, in advance!


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