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Well I spoke to her for about 5 minutes. She called saying that she was on her way to meet him. She did most of the talking and was trying to rationalize why he lied to her. I think she has decided that he didn't tell her about the party bus because he wanted to just get away and he didn't want to upset her with the details.... It sounds like total garbage to me but I am not sure as to what extent I should interfere. I wanted to talk more but she cut me off before I really had a chance to say anything.

About 20 minutes later she calls and says that her boyfriend wants to to talk to me. She puts him on the phone and he says "I am really sorry to have put you in the middle of this, thanks for being a good friend and being there for her. She means the world to me". UGH!

I haven't spoken to her since but it seems like they have patched things up.

What really bothers me is he was just on the phone with my boyfriend telling him how annoying she is and how he isn't sure about their relationship. I think he may have covered the whole thing with more lies as that is what he told my boyfriend he intended to do.

I think at this point I am just going to back off. She knows that he outright lied about the trip. She found the details herself online on a social networking site. The site even stated that it was a party bus for SINGLES. She found him on a dating website. He had his picture up with a little blog stating that he is an "interesting guy" and if interested to "contact him". She did all the digging up herself and yet she is willing to just ignore it....

I think she knows something is fishy but she is willing to go along with it for the sake of her relationship. I think this sends a clear message to him that he can do whatever he wants and that she will turn a blind eye. I know she will end up hurt in the long run but I feel that it is best to leave it alone.

I feel like if I go to her with the information about this girl he has been hanging out with or tell her about what her boyfriend said to mine on the phone that she will just get mad at me. She has the facts and has chosen to continue having a relationship with this guy. There is really nothing I can do.

LarryLou'smom, as for what you said about feeling some level of responsibility for having set them up in the first place. I do feel somewhat reponsible.... I met him a few times before we set them up and he really seemed like a good guy. He told my boyfriend that he was tired of dating around and wanted to find someone to settle down with and we thought they would be a good match. I know it isn't my fault that things went sour but I do feel a little guilty. As for this guy having everyone too scared to call him out on his BS. It isn't that my boyfriend is scared to call him out it is just that they work together and I don't want to stir things up for my boyfriend. The information about the mystery girl came from a mutual work friend of our boyfriends. I don't want a whole "this person told me this" and "he said that" and "why did you tell this person that" situation. My boyfriend and this guy do work together but they aren't particularly close.

I suppose I just have to let it be.

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