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[QUOTE=River rocks;4257868]What was her reason for breaking things off? Was it sudden or did you see the end coming? Were you both committed for all three years?[/QUOTE]

We had a "break" earlier this year for about a month with no contact. So there were some signs that not everything was going perfectly... I feel that her biggest concern is feeling like she can't "do whatever she wants." Like going to her ex's house she had no problem with because he is friends with her friends or whatever but I still was upset by it. She has a fear of being controlled (because her ex was extremely controlling having to know what she wore out every night and things) but I don't think I'm too controlling of a person... I definitely have some insecurity with her giving her number out to guys and not being extremely up front with them about having a boyfriend. She is a gorgeous girl (modeled for Elite) and I know everyone knows that but she NEVER thinks anyone wants to get with her, and even if they do she just shrugs it off saying "they just think I'm hot." Its fine if anyone thinks she is attractive but if she gives her number to that guy what is his motivation? In my mind it is to sleep with her but she doesn't see it that way. Like if they were to ask her to a party at 1:30 am or have her come places with just them she would not think its odd. I would say they are trying to get with her and that by chatting with them all the time she is leading them on a bit. She doesn't see it as "flirty" or whatever but when a guy was like "lets go to dinner on Sunday" she said "where," he said he had a place picked out she said "ok :)" then when it came up that it was a date she said "I'm not technically single, so dinner is probably not the best idea right now... Do you hate me :(" I'm not sure if this should mean something to me or whatever because she says she corrected this, I just still worry about it and what she is doing when I don't catch her. I really don't think that she would have sex with anyone else but I don't like guys thinking they have a chance with her because she is not forward that she has a boyfriend or that nothing is going to happen with them.

Sorry for this rambling reply... I just have so much to say about it with SO much emotion behind it. I know she can't control what other guy's think but she can control her actions and how they percieve her... :(

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