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[QUOTE=justkeeppraying;4258176]No, you're not a 'psycho'. The reason you never have gotten a bad "vibe" about her is because your head is clouded with emotion. You have all these outsiders here telling you something is WAY OFF and on her end there are people supposedly calling her a "B". Not a coincidence. You''re just not seeing things clearly in that way because you care so much for her.

Another thing, if this guy is such a "psycho" as she claims, then why in the world did she originally say "OK" to going out to this place with him (before she 'corrected' herself afterwards)?

I'm sorry, but this isn't adding up to me on her end...[/QUOTE]

She explains it that he seemed really shy (talked to her in class a few times) and that they had gone to things together as a group before with other friends. After she "corrected" her near 1-on-1 date with him I guess he wouldn't let it go and then told his friends (he plays football at the school they attend) to persuade her to go out with him too. It doesn't make much sense to me either but I only have her word to go on. She is friends with most of the guys on the football team there so I guess she just thought he would be the same, but there was at least one other guy on the football team who was interested in her (took her phone and put his number in her "fav 5") after she already had his number. I think she just wants to be "friendly" or whatever but doesn't know when to tell guys to kick rocks or make them know she is not going to do something with them. I also think that her friends getting more numbers and being popular with the guys (because they don't have boyfriends) made her feel bad somehow. It wouldn't bother me but she was annoyed that one friend would always get said "hi" to and invited more places than her.

I don't know... It's odd that it seems like every other girl (mostly female replies on this board) can see this but she can't. Maybe I'm explaining it in an "unfriendly" light or something because of how it made me feel but I just don't get it. I think that it may just be (like another post suggested) that she is naive. She is still in undergrad and its always like she goes out of her way to try to be nice to (or please) everyone. She does this little with me as I think she knows I love her unconditionally. She has issues with true friends and what everyone wants her to do (generally not have a boyfriend so they can go out and meet guys or whatever) but I feel like if you love someone you would not need that attention from the other sex... I know I don't because I have (had) someone and I didn't need other girls to fawn over me or be my "friend" if it was sexual or anything in any way.

Maybe I'm too cautious with people but I don't know how to change that and simply always have faith that everyone with respect my relationship even if I act like I didn't really care about it...

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