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I don't buy that she's naive. Her single friends get more attention, and this bothers her?! Keyword is they're SINGLE! It's interesting how she claims she 'doesn't notice' that guys want her number for ill intentions, but then on the flip side, she does notice how her friends are getting drooled over. It sounds like she's jealous. I think she knows exactly what she's doing.

I'm supportive of trying to save a relationship (within reason), but that can only be successful either if a compromise can be made, or if you decide to accept things 'as is'. However, she probably wouldn't be willing to compromise because she'd think you were just trying to 'control' her since she wouldn't be able to do every single thing she wanted. In a compromise, obviously you can't have it both ways by having your cake and eating it too, and she wouldn't like that.

If you decide to accept things as is, can you deal with the following?;

- lots of other men getting her number and constantly texting and calling her all the time.
- wondering what she is doing on all the nights she isn't with you.
- driving yourself nuts analyzing her statements over and over again.
- wondering if she didn't tell you everything
- wondering if she was 'too naive' (eyeroll) with a guy and things got out of hand...
-etc, you see where I'm going with this? The stress that would come along with this would be enough to make a person's hair turn gray! :dizzy:

I really don't understand why you're so determined to stay in a stressful, worrisome, rocky relationship with her. I think you're selling yourself short. Just my opinion.

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