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Good Day everyone.

I'm John , 20 years old/Single and currently working as a Call Center Agent. I'm a athletic guy w/ a good shape of body. Well i know this question has been posted by the most of the people in here. Well here it goes:

My Girlfriend and I were together for about 3years and 6months. I just cant imagine that my girlfriend will cheat on me on the first place because i knew her as a sweet,loving and religious person. Well she cheated three times. . I forgive her in the first and 2nd time that she cheated on me because i love her so badly. . Well in the third time that she cheated on me is unforgivable because i already see everything with my two eyes. This situation is the same in the first and 2nd times that she cheat. Well i found out that my Girlfriend is dating with a guy that have a family. Her bestfriend told me that she is dating that guy in 5 months and she shows me photos as a proof that my girlfriend is sleeping with that guy. Her bestfriend told me also that my girlfriend and that guy were having sex at the same time and she also show me photos that my girlfriend and that guy is naked on the bed. . My girlfriend always show photos and give photos to her bestfriend because my girlfriend knew that her bestfriend can kept a secret. . But her bestfriend get pity on me and tell everything she knows. . Now i confront my girlfriend about it but still. . she denies it. . But when i show the proofs, she started crying and keep saying that she loves me so much. .

Here's my question guys:

what should i do?! am i supposed to forgive her?! do i have to give her another chance?!
Cheating once, depending on circumstances and how much you have invested in the relationship could possibly be worked through and forgiven. If I were you she'd have been gone the second time she cheated.

She has no respect for you or your relationship, she'll just keep cheating, and as long as you keep giving her chances she has no reason to stop.

She's upset, not because she loves you, but because she got caught. She only admitted it and got upset once you showed her the proof.

From what you posted is seems she's been involved with a married man. She has no morals, no respect for you or the other mans family.

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