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as someone who was in a relationship with a bpd guy for a year, in my opinion, it's NOT worth it......
[QUOTE=justmel30;4261004]I think most of them are. I am a firm believer that BPD is not really so much a disease, as it is a license for spoiled rotten brats to throw it in your face that they have a "disease", allowing them to continue to behave any which way they want. I think maybe a few, a very select handful, truely cannot help it. But other then that, most of them are pretty much ill tempered egotists. Is it hopeless? NO WAY! But she has to realize that the problem is hers and hers alone. Then she has to be willing to learn a whole new way of reacting to situations. It is difficult and time consuming. Will she do it? I think most of them dont. Why would anybody change when all they have to do is throw a temper tantrum and everyone cowers to them because they have a "disease"! So I would give her an ultimatum. I would say, do the work, or I'm done. If she comes back with a ,"that's so unfair, I'm sick," sort of an attitude, then you know, she's not willing. Then I would leave. Good luck![/QUOTE]

I have to say I agree. I have had experience with someone who has BPD traits and that guy is a master manipulator like no other. He can turn things around and make it all the other person's fault and believe me, he knows EXACTLY what he's doing. He gets his own way, every time, by threatening to end the relationship if you don't stop "hassling" him, or he asks "why are you trying to break us up???" all sad-like, when he gets caught lying or cheating. BS he's "sick"!

You can't "get" anyone to do anything, especially someone who's used to getting their own way all the time. Either they want to do it or they don't, and nothing will force them.
Run run run run run oh yeah and eh RUN

Ya know a month ago i'd be saying "ah stick with it! blah blah blah.. now i'm out of it. out of the abusive relationship i was in. I deserve much more.. so yeah go find someone who won't give you so much crap.

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