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Hello, I've spent a bit of time on these boards reading about other's experience with loved ones suffering from BPD, mainly because my girlfriend also suffers from it. Now, I don't claim to be perfect, and I know everyone has their own flavor of problems, but I just don't know what to do.

Everything everyone says basically seems to me either, A; Run far and do it fast, or B; Spend the next 2-5 years of your life hoping that they will get better, and that you both still are at least as good of a person as when you started dating (coming back to this in a bit). We have met a couple times, but as of right now its a long distance thing. Our main method of keeping on touch is skype.

The last couple of months though, she will just randomly stop talking to me for a week or so at a time and then randomly coming back, acting like nothing at all happened. We both have lives, but it they aren't so all consuming that we couldn't at least let each other know what was going on.

I don't want to think that she is cheating on me, because I trust her since she's been cheated on in the past, giving her very strong feelings about it. At the same time, I wonder if I am just being ignorant.

As far as I'm aware, she is seeking professional help, although as far as I know, she didn't want to take any medication for it.

So, rather round about way of asking, but are [U]all[/U] cases of BPD as hopeless of a bottomless pit as most of the posts on these boards indicate? Or, is it worth sticking it out for a bit to see what happens? Secondly, is there anything I can do to get her to talk to me more? I'm very supporting and never condescending about her ailment, and if I can ever get her to video chat with me, we both are just nothing but smiles for the rest of the day, but she fights it every chance she gets.

Thanks in advance.

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