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Ok so i have a friend who i have know for around 5 years but only got close friends with about 2 years ago. Recently we were at a party and after it she told everyone that she had got with a guy, the guy completely denies it and no one saw them doing anything. The guy is not the kind to deny it because he is embarressed. This has sparked off people at school saying that she is a lyer. I have talked to other friends about it who are also close to her and they feel the same way. We think she has a lying problem.
She always has stories about the weekend and about really dramatic stuff that has happened. For example the police being called to her house because they thought she was missing. She works as a waitress and is always saying that customers are swearing at her and being really rude. This could happen but it seems that she has these every week. She also said that she had a boyfriend a while ago, but she didnt have any pictures of him and no one had ever seen or heard of him, she told us that he died in a car crash a few months ago but no one every heard anything about a car accident or a death.
I talked to my friends about it and thought that maybe she was doing it for attention and thought that maybe if we didnt react to her stories she would get bored and stop telling them. However this didnt work, the lies seem to be getting more and more dramatic and serious. For example she told a friend the other week that she had been raped on the way home from work. She said she took a pregnancy test and it was possitive but then took another one a few days later and she wasnt. I hate the fact that i dont believe her because if it did actually happen it is really serious, the thing is she didnt seem any different and surely if you had just been raped you would be shoock up at the very least. She also never told her parents or called the police or have any visable injuries from a struggle or anything.
I really dont know what to do because her 'lies' seem quite far fetched but they could actually happen. It is really awkward at school now because of what happened after the party and i want to help her if she needs it, but its frustrating to have to listen to her lies all the time and im worried that if something bad really did happen to her no one would believe her.
She also 'faints' alot. Its only been in the last 4 years that this has started. To begin with she would 'faint' for less than a minute or just a few seconds but over the last year or so she has started to 'faint' for 15 - 30 minutes. Understandably, when this happens at school the paramedics are rung, just in case. However when they do come and try and wake her up they often say 'you havn't fainted, can you get up for me now' This makes me a bit suspicious of what is actually happening. She has been to the doctors many times but they have found no medical reason for her 'fainting'. It makes me wonder wether she actually is fainting or just faking it.
I really dont know what to do.
I would be very grateful for any advice or thoughts you may have

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