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you might also read "stop walking on eggshells"
and yes of course, I've tried to understand one in particular......a relationship that lasted a year. It was good for 3 months and bad for the next 9.
I read till I was blue in the face and came to the understanding that the relationship had to end unless I wanted to spend the rest of my life in an abusive relationship walking on eggshells. I decided I didn't want to live like that.
Honestly, when I first began my therapy I did feel this way, mostly because I am battling PTSD and it was a lot to take in. I didnt know how much I had been damaged and it was just so overwhelming. Sometimes i still feel this way, I ruined a few relationships with good people because of my BPD tendencies, my therapist told me not to get caught up in a label as I am not in an extreme case where i am being destructive and attempting suicide or anything physically harmful to me or to anyone else.

I just worry that if I dont find and get help and learn to change myself I wont ever be able to have a healthy relationship, my relationship now is rocky because of these issues (as you read in the other post). This is someone who knows everything, who I was with a few months back but we split because he couldnt take the emotional rollarcoaster, now we are here again trying to work things out. Do you think there is hope? all I've read is that these people are crazy and all they do is hurt and everyone should stay away from them and that just makes me feel so miserable really.

I dont do the things I do because I want to, it's because I just feel so worthless in intimate relationships and they bring out all these insecurities and a lot of time I am just trying to make sure I wont be hurt again and that's how my brain functions, I dont trust my partners and I just end up trying to manipulate and control the situation. Why would anyone stay with such a person?

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