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My ex and i broke up about a month and a half ago after a 2 year relationship. I took all of my friend's advice and decided to cut off all contact and just try to move on with my life, and for a while it seemed like it was working

About 3 weeks after we broke up she sent me a message on facebook, telling me several things.

I had told her that if she ever started smoking i would have broken up with her, She also told me that she didn't want me to wait for her after we broke up.

Over the course of the message she explained to me that she had heard i started smoking a pack of unfiltered camel Cigarettes a day and was trying to have my friend hook me up with someone new. She ended the message saying, " Fuck you _____, you are a hypocritical douche bag"

I responded, saying none of this was true, because none of it was, i had smoked 3 cigarettes while totally hammered, and there was no way that i wanted a new girl, and was not trying to hook up with anyone, i just simply wasn't ready for it. I also told her the exact same thing that she had told me the day that we broke up, i still really love and care about you __.

She then precedes to tell me that its not her i care about or miss, only the relationship, That there is just no way she could ever be in a relationship with me.

Fast forward another 3 weeks, and im having a party at my house. She's there and starts shit right off the bat. After i don't talk to her because im trying to manage everything thats going on, she takes it as her mission to get as drunk as possible and fall over as many of my friends as possible in front of me, to make me jealous i assume.

By 12 o'clock she is so drunk that she can no longer stand, and starts throwing up for 3 hours. My friend tried to take care of her, but she was being so belligerent that i eventually was the one that sat with her for the remainder of the evening, consoling her, making sure she was OK ect..

Before she falls asleep with her BFF in my bed, she mumbles, thanks sweetie, then drifts off to sleep and then starts texting me the next morning saying how sorry she is for everything, how she is a horrible person and i dont deserve it, and how she wanted to talk.

I still care so much about this girl, i dream about her and think about her every day, what should i do?

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