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I have a long distance relationship with my girlfriend right now. We both go to college in Arizona. But I am in California for the summer. Last night we were video chatting and she asked If I submitted job applications/ or called shops that day. I lied to her and said yes I did call shops and turn in applications. She repeatedly asked if I was lying, I guess she felt the story was inconsistent. After I repeatedly denied lying over 30 mins. She is infuriated with me and threatened to end the relationship. I told her, "It's not normal for me to tell untruths, I am beyond sorry and ashamed. I can assure you that I will always be honest with you which is why I couldn't allow the lie to continue. You have my trust. I am true to my word"

She has given me a second chance in the relationship saying that if it happens again she is done. She wants me to fix "this" quickly. I need help fixing it. I never wanted to intentionally hurt her. I know time will help but any helpful advice out there is greatly appreciated.

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