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Thanks for your reply! I hope you are ready to read a lot :) I'll try to make it as short as possible though. We have been together like a year and a half...we have broken up 3 times including this last time. I'm not sure if you would really call them break ups because we never went one day with no contact at all. All of those times we broke up we had been kind of bickering and were stressed out about other things. He broke up with me the first 2 times and I did it the last time but he agreed it was the right thing to do. The second time we broke up, it was only 2 weeks ago so the most recent break up was really just a continuation of the last one.

When we started having problems was around the time when he was finishing building his house that he now lives in. He used to live with his parents and this is the first time he has ever been on his own. He started to get kinda freaked out about everything and took it out on me....started to create problems with our relationship that wouldn't have even been an issue if he wasn't stressed about other things. We had planned to live together, but when it actually came time to move in we didn't talk about it. I didn't really want to make the commitment to actually move in but I didn't want to even make an issue about it so I never siad anything. The problem is, he just assumed I was still planning on living with him so he freaked out instead of talking to me about it first. So then of course we talked about it and things were awesome for a while.

Then the second breakup happened as a result of getting in a rut and growing apart. We lost sight of what we we loved about eachother and our relationship in the first place. It started to become boring I guess. So we broke up and a few days later got back together due to the fact that we missed eachother. The problem with this is that the same problems were still there and never got taken care of.

Then the 3rd break up happened last night for pretty much the same reason....we got in a fight becasue he text messaged his ex. I almost didn't want to put that in the post because automatically people are going to say "oh he must be cheating on you then". It's not really like that though. I think he doesn't even know why he texted her...I really don't think it was even pre meditated. He saw her the other night while getting gas and he texted her to say hi. But anyway, he didn't tell me about it and I found out, got mad and broke up with him. It wasn't necessarily because of the ex girlfriend thing but because it just wasn't working out.

I want things to work out with us! I really really do. I miss him so much already and I've been sooo upset. Neither one of us know what to do about it though. We don't know how to find a solution to our problem. I'm willing to try and have been willing to try but for the past 2 weeks it almost seems like he stopped making an effort. He kept saying he doesn't know how it has even changed between us or what to work on or where to start fixing it. I feel the same way. How do you fix it? We love eachother but how do fix something when nothing really happened? I'm sorry this is so long! Thank you for reading it :)

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