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I can understand your point and I will take it into consideration without a doubt. I no I feel very strongly about this because both of us were so close and have never experienced loving someone so much, I have been able to deal with things like this in the past and I have just got on with life, but when you meet that special person it's hard to let go and I tell you I am trying.

I disagree because I have thought of more than myself, ive thought of my girlfriend and I have been trying to firgure out the potential causes to this, hence i'm still confused as to why because i havn't found a reasonable explanation. We were going all fine me and my girlfriend we spoke all the time and were close and like i said it all went down hill after my dad an I had an argument, because the week before her mum was fine with me, and even when I told my dad what her mum said after he was very shocked and he even said there's something funny going on there because that's wrong to do that, and that came out of his mouth not mine

No nothing like that happend before that and especially not drugs i'm not that kind of person nothing like that didn't even occur like I said they were fine with me, Im just telling you what my girlfriend told me.

There was nothing from the mums prospective to take into account because it was her mum that told me to come over on that day as her daughter wasn't able to come and she wanted us to see each other and she told me to tell my dad that I was going football, so I have no clue what so ever and I have tried to look at this in different angles and I can't find anything logical explanation and neither can my girlfriend really because she said if this didn't happen about my dad calling up etc we would still be together and she admitted that to me.

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