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Re: Need Help ASAP
Jul 6, 2010
Well, what my experience with guys saying they "need space" has taught me is that they just want to break up but they don't know how to say it so that they don't "hurt" you(or whatever) .

When an ex of mine took me back I felt exactly how you feel, I couldn't really trust him anymore and it all went like that for another year and a half before we finally broke up. Looking back, I now wish I'd never asked him to continue our relationship after the initial break up, it was just a waste of time .

You need to realise that you will never be able to have a healthy relationship with anyone unless you better yourself . Please take care of yourself, find things to do on your own or with friends, improve you social skills, try to treat your anxiety and depression BEFORE deciding to invest time and feelings in another relationship, because [U]nobody[/U] is going to put up with your problems forever( I also learned that the hard way) .

Look inside of you and be honest. Do you think you can fully trust this guy again? Will you ever be able to get past the fear that one day he will just dissapear again ? If you do, then work on it, if you don't, then you already know what has to be done. You are still very young(we`re about the same age btw) and you've got plenty of time to better yourself and have healthier relationships .

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