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[QUOTE=rosequartz;4280517]did he explain why he snapped and acted so nasty?
I'd just keep an eye out and if he does it again, I'd tell him right then and there "I don't appreciate being talked to like that", or "I don't appreciate that tone", or something like that. If it becomes a habit, I'd be done with him.....I think he's being disrespectful, and that usually snowballs into more disrespect down the line.[/QUOTE]

He said he had asked me to sit in a better spot and it would have made all the difference. He wanted to go home after 15 minutes so we did (it was a free event so nothing lost there). It was also extremely hot out and he was cranky as was everyone else there, very crowded and horrible. He has since apologized for wanting to even go there because we should have known it would be a mess. I already did tell him that I don't like anyone talking to me like that, but I feel that I may be seeing a side of him that's not so nice. I also have that side...I know I have snapped at people out of my own frustration, so I am trying to not personalize it so much but when you look at someone who was always there for you, always complementary and makes you feel so good about yourself, the words are that much worse. I thought I am looking at a stranger, By the way, he is not bipolar or borderline...I am very familiar with that, so that's not a consideration. Just plain snapped at me.

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