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So, last weekend she said she's about to enter a big wave of depression and doesn't want to put me through it. She also said that I'm too good of a guy for her, she's too needy, she's worried I'm going to drop her as soon as I find someone else more mentally stable, and that maybe we should just be friends (LOL, that's not happening to this guy and I know she'll just try to monopolize my time through that route). When she said that, I told her that we're breaking up and then she started bawling (she cries a lot in general) saying that she wants to be with me so badly and that she has never experienced feelings this strong (well duh, you're 19 [I'm 23]). Before this, she was being very mean last weekend attempting to make it look like I'm whipped in front of friends (I treat her well/respectfully, but by no means am I whipped or subservient to her), so I kept calling her out in front of our friends and my friends actually came around to my side, lol. She complains that I always come off as the coolest guy in our group and she feels like it degrades her (lol, wouldn't you WANT to be dating the coolest guy in the group?). On top of this, right after I tell her that respect is one of the biggest factors in a relationship for me, she does this berating crap even worse.

What I'm dealing with here is some massive insecurity, I think. She also shapes up big time whenever I bring around female friends and will be completely all over me then. As usual, though, things are great when it's just the two of us. She likes to show me off to her friends, we have a lot of fun (only when it's just us two, though, doing non-crazy adventures), and there's usually plenty of sex. On top of this, her sister was telling me how into me she is last Sunday and how her mom really likes me.

What in the heck is going on now? Should I just dump her for real? I adore this girl, but she's painfully insecure, needy, and downright mean during her manic phase. I've put down a couple cool chicks for this girl lately. Is it really just her manic phase, though? I've been getting a bad feeling that she likes me so much simply because I'm there for her (I see her like every day) and serve as a good friend. But, isn't a good bf also supposed to be a good friend, not just someone you have sex with several times a week? On top of that, the shelf life of her relationships is around 2 months and we're just beyond that threshold now, so she's probably starting to think "when is this guy going to dump me?"

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