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bigbro, man, I really don't envy people trying to raise teenagers in today's society. It kind of sounds to me like your mom figured, well, if she's that determined to have sex, she might go ahead and do it without my knowledge or permission, so I want her to have as much protection as possible, but also does not want to give her permission. Your mom is from a different generation, and also this may have to do with values and morals tha tyou mom has, that your sister either doesn't buy into or was never really taught.

If I had a 17 year old daughter, I'd do everything in my power to make sure she stayed a virgin till she graduated high school, too. I personally think sex is a much bigger deal than most teens today want to admit it is. I was watching an old episode of Sex And The City the other day, and Miranda said something fitting - "It's all fun and games till someone has a child!" The pill is not 100% effective at stopping pregnancy. Your sister goes and sleeps with her boyfriend, gets pregnant, her boyfriend says "See ya, wouldn't wanna be ya!!" and then your sister's life is changed forever. No more college exept maybe correspondence courses once the baby is holding down solids. No prom, no spring break, no more choices, no more being young and free and single and having a world of opportunity open to her. i don't balme your mom for wanting to protect her against that.

I think you both need to respect the rules your parents set down until you're old enough to be out on your own and support yourselves and pay for and deal with your own mistakes. I mean, let's face it, "everyone else is doing it!" just isn't a good enough reason to risk getting herpes, or getting pregnant and having to be responsible for another human being and putting your own life on hold for at least the next 20 years.

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