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you just come right out and talk to him.....married 10 yrs you should be able to. I was married for 10 years to a bi-polar man who was unmedicated and in denial. I suspect this man will become your EX-husband if he doesn't change his don't deserve verbal abuse, or to be scared in your own home of him throwing things. I doubt it will help though, you're not going to get back the man you fell in love with......I always wanted that too....maybe it comes back briefly, but goes again, and the bad times negate whatever good times there are....they just wipe them right out. You mentioned the season stuff, another thing you might want to watch is the phases of the moon. My ex used to get manic and turn into a real jerk on the new moon and on the full moon he would get depressed, still be a jerk, but not as bad as a new moon. The new moon was a real killer for him, and it used to start a couple days before the new moon. Get yourself a calandar that shows the new moon and the full moon and just pay attention. But as far as what to do about the have to decide how long you want to live like that

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