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Helen - just to toss in my 2 cents...

No, don't beg forgiveness. That won't help, and will only make you look pathetic to him. He has already emotionally pulled out of the relationship, and wasn't man enough to even tell you, but that's what guys do a lot of the time, especially when they are young. They just disappear and hope you'll "get the message."

My advice would be, don't be the dumb girl who doesn't get it. He doesn't want to tell you it's over, doesn't want to have the messy, uncomfortable break up talk, doesn't want to have to see or hear you cry, he just wants you to disappear out of his life. I know, it hurts like few other things hurt in this life. But a lot of us ladies have been there. Believe me, there's really nothing he can say that will make it any better, so forget about getting answers. His silence and withdrawing out of the relationship is all the answer you really need. Take the hint. Be the smart girl and forget about him. Accept that he just doesnt' feel the same way about you, hold your head up with dignity, and don't give him another minute of free rent in your head or heart. Get on with the business of building a great life for yourself. Work, hobbies, family, friends, focus on taking care of you, and with a little work and effort, it won't be long before you'll be asking yourself why in the world you thought you needed this jerk so badly.

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