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[QUOTE=constantsinus;4293005]Geez he can't know about her till he asks her out!! He could sit around and ask her questions blah blah but it is pretty much the same thing.

I say just have some balls and give it a go. If you want to get a hot girl to go on a date, you have to ask. and ask nicely or add some humor. Don't be a douche just in case you get rejected so you can blame it on that. Everyone has a type and if you are hers, she will say sure. and if it is just a work lunch, she may say sure just to talk and let you know you are not her type.

Walk right up to her desk and ask her "would you like to have lunch."

L (hot girl that married the most creative and up front hot guy I ever met!)[/QUOTE]

I would so do this but shes not interested in me the least bit. The body language said it all on Tues and Wed this week. She couldnt have made it anymore obvious and if i was to even offer her to hang out at lunch next week, i would look like a complete idiot again. :(

Thats why since Wed ive stopped going out of my way at work to talk to her. I used to stare into the reception area whenever I walked by but i dont even do that anymore. Yesterday i walked right by and had my head down and didnt even look in. I was told not to stare too many tmies when i walk by cause it could creep her out.

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