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[QUOTE=Brkenhrt;4292551]I dont have an big, if anything I really lack confidence. Thats why im always so scared to ask girls out. Im 29.

Especially with girls that Im super madly insanely attracted to, I cant even be myself around them because I get so shy.[/QUOTE]

so what you're saying is that you have low self esteem and having a "trophy" to flaunt would make you feel better about yourself? Why would a "trophy" girl want a shy, scared guy who lacks confidence when they could have their pick of many guys? You want the girl to improve your image, your self seems like high school....if you get with the cheerleader you're instantly popular. As someone else said, these girls are out of your league. It doesn't matter how hot you say you takes more than hotness, it takes social skills, which you freely admit that you lack. You freely admit you have no confidence and not much experience. If you're just starting out driving, you don't get a ferrarri, or a porsche, you start off in a ford escort, or a chevy're expectations are way too high for your situation. I think you need to start lower them or you will continue to be disappointed.

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