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Well, as long as you know he's not actually going out and doing anything with these women, can you get past the fact that he likes to fllirt online? It doesn't sound like he really has any intention of stopping. You can forgive him if you really want to, but I think it would be a mistake to expect him to change. In this case, forgiving him would mean accepting that this is just part of who he is, and if you want to stay with him, you need to just grin and bear his online flirting with other women. Only you can decide whether you want to deal with that or if you really want a man who only has eyes for you and who doesn't need the sexy attention of other women all the time.

So, how does his ex have access to his emails, and how does she have your email address? And please beware of men who have a bunch of "crazy" exes. The common denominator is him. A man who has a string of girlfriends who are all "crazy" is most likely really just a man who has lied and used and done wrong by a bunch of women, and these women are just hurt and angry and looking for answers and/or closure.

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