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I know this topic has been posted online, trust me, I've just searched and read about all of them. I guess I just wanted to post my own too.

I've been dating someone for 10 months, have not spent more than a random few days apart. We've lived together and been happy for the most part, there are some issues but things were going great.

I received three forwarded emails of conversations between him and craigslist W4M ads. Basically he searches and responds to them, asks for a picture and goes back and forth about meeting or $ or whatever, but they all end without any plans being made. (who forwarded me the emails is another conversation, but almost 100% sure it's his ex who is crazy *she did warn me when we first started dating that he did this with her). Randomly I found a downloaded photo from the same weekend/time frame, after the fact.

I was upset and kicked him out, then cooled down a few days later and we discussed things. he said he'd try to re-gain my trust, that he was sorry etc. so I let him back into my life but not more than two days later, I saw on his phone (again, not looking for it) right in front of him, that he had searched strip clubs, I then took his phone and searched and found more of the same from the entire week, including the day after we "made up" and he said he'd change.

I flipped out. I don't think he is meeting these people, he's with me all the time and I truly don't believe that. But what would drive him to do these things? He says he's bored, yet I'm not boring! I try to have sex with him or hint at it and we barely do, he says it's laziness. That is the big issue and now this. Again, not trying to defend him, but I don't think he's getting it on the side. I'm just so confused. I feel like this is mental cheating but I'm so torn as to what to do and how to forgive, if that's what I choose to do. How do I trust him again? I told him tonight that I'm very close to saying good bye. I just want to feel good about what decision I make, and neither one seems good at the moment.

sorry for the long rant.... trust me it could go a lot longer! :(

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