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Re: Another chance?
Jul 25, 2010
About the tattoo, I was figuring if he had BPD he would have either gotten it ridiculously early in the relationship, or well after there was trouble (part of the I love you/hate you thing).

As for his latest email, that's about as obvious a ploy as I've ever read. While it may be very flattering to think that he's making it sound all about you and how much he needs you, pleeeease try to stay focussed and remember that it is a manipulation.

Feel free to [I]tell[/I] him you will be there [I]at the end[/I]. But don't don't don't go back to him in anticipation of his success with anger management. Chances are, he'll fail, but at least that way he can't blame you (which he will always try to do).

I think if you stay away from him long enough, you will start to feel your strength and resolve returning, along with being able to really see how bad this has been for you.

(Also, I'm sure you wound't need any anti-anxiety drugs if you didn't have him in your life.)

Good luck and stay strong.

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