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Some advice?
Jul 30, 2010
I posted on here once before about a month ago. I pretty much wrote a rather long post with as much detail as possible so i could hopefully find the best advice possible. Rereading it i sounded ridiculous and co-dependent so im hoping to not make the same mistake now.

I have been with my boyfriend for two years. I truely love him. We have had many issues in the past. I can be rather moody and i have constant frustration in my life so it tends to overflow onto him. Long story short he got sick of this, which was understandable, but proceeded to hurt me in every way possible. Pretty much he was a giant . We didnt see each other for about a month and talked some. I was clearly very distraught about it and i got pretty low. It was a kind low i hope to never be at again because you start to feel hopeless which is the worst feeling ever. We ended up getting back together July 1st. July 10th us and a bunch of our friends had a planned vacation so we all went and during that week i felt like we mended a lot in our relationship. I started to feel trusting of him again and not so insecure about everything, etc, i felt our relationship was stronger and things were going to be ok.

I still have that feeling, he has not done anything wrong directly and for the most part is a very sweet caring boyfriend. His issue is his immaturity. I am 21 and he is 20. There shouldnt be much difference in one year but he is rather immature. He has his goals in life and he has ambition but he has a way of letting his excuses get in the way or not thinking through the consequences of his actions. Sometimes i feel like the level of comfort and sense of feeling safe i had with him isnt at the same level anymore. Im very conscience (sp?) of myself when i am around him now and what i look like and how his friends perceive me etc. Sometimes i feel very insecure about myself that im doing something wrong and i never used to feel that way before. I get nervous to tell him these things because i have mentioned it before and we talk about it and its fine but then the feeling comes back and i really dont want to constantly bring it up because im nervous about his reaction. I'm chalking it up to thefact that im still hurt by the past and in reality it has only been a month that we've been back so perhaps its just going to take some time for me to let go of the past.

I dont want to leave him and i want things to work im just wondering if anyone has been through this and how to let it go?

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