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Although I agree to a certain point with Rose's comments... On the other hand, if it were me, if I lost either of my parents, I'd be a basket case and I literally think I would cease to function normally any longer. My parents are so very dear to me that the thought of them not being here anymore makes me physically ill. So, depending on how close he was to his dad, I can certainly understand him being an emotional wreck.

Perhaps your relationship with your parents is not very close, but I think you need to consider that losing a parent is a life altering and horrific experience for most people and its extremely hard to get over it, even years later. My dad's dad (my grandpa) died when I was 2. I'm 36 now and to this day, my dad still can't talk about losing his dad because its still the most painful thing that has ever happened to him and he never got over it.

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