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I posted yesterday about "my sex life dwindling" with my girlfriend. I want to kind of add to that, why I think it is happening and ask for help.

Lately, we have been getting on each others nerves more than usual and getting into fights more than usual. It is starting to really take a toll on us. The biggest issue that comes into play is her issues with me. The fact that she wants me to be more open to experiences, that she wants me to be less anxious, that she wants me to eat well and lose weight. These are all things that I want to fix about myself. She feels like she is trying to help me by nagging me about changing these things. But in the end it just makes me crazy and gets us into fights. I feel like if she loves me she shouldn't try to change me. And she feels that she does love me and that is why she is 'helping' me try to change these things.

This is really becoming a big issue and I don't know what to do. I feel like I can't really deal with this anymore but I love her so much.


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