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Personally, I have found that I have enough problems and drama in my own life that getting involved in other people's is not something I care or need to do. My advice, let her be miserable, wallow, whatever she wants to do but don't associate with someone if it has become that difficult. If she is a true friend and needs support, then be there for her. If not, move on.[/QUOTE]

I agree 100% with this. Don't take on her shenanigans as your own. If she wants to act this way, it's not up to you to correct her. She is an adult and needs to deal with the consequences of her actions.

Besides, even if you did send her that letter, she would find a way to manipulate the situation to make you appear like the bad guy and her the victim, and then she would think she had something she could hold over your head. I would just steer clear of her and write her off if you're not interested in being friends with her anymore. It's a lot less drama for you that way.

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