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Thanks for all your kind responses, I think one recent event exemplifies the problem perfectly for me though.

I went out with some work colleagues for some drinks, and I ran into one of my old friend's girlfriends, who then spent an hour crying on my shoulder about how he ignores her and always leaves her out of everything he does. I asked her "Why do you stay with him then, he clearly does not appreciate you."

Her answer?

"Because I love him."

Every question I asked, that was the answer.

I just don't understand. Why is it that someone who pays no attention to their girlfriend and who is basically banking on mysogynistic, can have a girl that devoted to him, yet I spent four years caring about every single girl I met and I have not once even had a thank you, let alone a relationship?

I've stayed up all night with girls crying on my shoulder about their relationships, literally all night, yet not one has ever thanked me for sitting up with them, listening to them, caring about them.

I just seem to get nowhere by being a good person. I'm so horribly lonely, and yet no matter how much I try to help people out and bond with them. I'm always forgotten as soon as they feel better.

How is it a girl can cry on your shoulder for a whole night, tell you all of her deepest feelings, yet completely forget about you as soon as her boyfriend who theyve been crying about bothers to come to get her?

I think about these thing so much that I start to blame myself. I'm hideous, im nasty, I'm unattractive, that's why I'm so alone even though I care so much. I'm frankenstein's freaking monster.

Why can I throw myself heart and soul into caring about somebody's problems, only to feel so utterly horrific myself?

I suppose it's becuase I've always learned to think of others before myself.

I suppose it's because I know they have their own problems, and they are more important than mine.

Why does being a loving, caring person get me nowhere in life?

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