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You remind me of my boyfriend in some ways. I agree with you on alot of things you've said...there are ALOT of petty and down right ignorant people in this world. Pathetic really. I was one of the girls that could have any man she pretty much wanted...big blue eyes, light colored hair...etc. I stuck with the guys that I could show off, even married one of the assholes. And do you know where it got me?? Black and blue marks, torn down esteem, near death from child birth bc he beat me. Back in the day, I was friends with everybody...popular, nerdy, whatever...I didn't care. I always found beauty in everyone, and that is the truth. But, now that I'm older and stronger from my past, I've come to realize that I only dated a certain type of man because I was too insecure in myself. After leaving my husband, I have found the MOST incredible man ever. A true nerd at heart!! He loves all the Star Wars...he was the lending ear to all the girls about their love affairs...he'd take a girl out and they'd never call him or answer his texts...he felt like he was a nobody, that he would never be good enough for any girl. He was a very depressed man when I met him...but in 14 months, because of HIM, I have grown to truly love who I am, because he has made me a better person. I have seen things in him that I have never seen in another man...honesty, empathy, sincerety, respect but most all pure love for me!! We had helped each other. He felt the same way you do about himself...and honestly, some of the things he finds interesting I always thought were boring and blah blah blah, but listening to him, I have come to really enjoy learning about these interests of his. He is very intelligent!! So, chin up honey...what I've learned is, don't worry so much about what others think of proud of who YOU are...when you can show that you have self confidence, everyone will start to see that too...and as for the girls, well they weren't worth your time anyways, that is what I tell my boyfriend. The right one will come along when you least expect it and the other girls won't even matter!! I love my nerd...he is definitely the better half of me and now I feel complete!!

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