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I am confused Rose. By no means am I being conceited but I do find it strange that he only texts. Most guys that are interested in me pursue me more. They both call and texted! Especially a grown 30 yr old man!!! IDK! I always responded to him in text form so maybe he thought thats the best way to touch base. Texting is the norm when you are in the college scene I must say... He has told me he would love for me to visit him in NYC. I quickly told him "I'm a college student. I work a fulltime job and go to school fulltime. My funds are low" -- and he laughed and said something along the lines of he would take care of it or whatever.

He is a financial adviser. He gave me the website to his business. He is the owner. I jokingly told him it does not help that he does not have FB bc Im trying to do some investigating... he laughed and then sent me a text about his business etc

Why do you think he is married? :dizzy:
[QUOTE=msfeisty;4319794]He seems like a great guy... successful and established... if its really true that he runs his own business. Its just certain things that he shared with me when we did talk on the phone. He goes to church. He is super close to his mom. He is a health nut. Cooking is something he enjoys doing. He loves the Food Network. He is Indian btw. Not that that makes a difference. We were talking about past relationships and he was telling me it has been 2 years since he was in a serious one. She was 8 years older than him. He talked about how they met... he invited her toa Gala event. He talked about supporting and donating to a cause, Juvenile diabetes. Maybe its too good to be true and he is a pathological liar. LOL[/QUOTE]

I also think it's a big red flag when a woman who is getting "mixed signals" or is confused by a guy, when this woman says "Oh, but he's a great guy" and then lists how handsome, sexy, successful, popular he is, but they come up empty when trying to list reasons why this guy is such a great guy...TO THEM. How is this guy great TO YOU? Is he attentive? invested? Excited to see you? Always calls when he says he's going to? Is he actively pursuing you and wanting to get to know you better? Does he know and care about your job/friends/family/hobbies, etc? No matter how great a guy is, he's not that great if he's not great TO YOU.

If you don't want a long distance relationship, and he doesn't want to take the time and effort to get to know you and see if you're worth moving for, then I don't see what there is to pursue or continue with here. You may be better off getting out there and finding someone in your own town who is interested in getting to know you and seeing you. Good luck.

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