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This is a bit of a silly problem, but I can't stop thinking about it.

Last Spring I met this girl who happened to be going to school in New York City (I live in Florida, where we met and where she is from). A few weeks after she went back to NYC she started talking to me online a lot. Soon after we developed feelings for one another and kinda had a thing going on despite living 1000's of miles away. We weren't stupid though and we never bothered making any sort of girlfriend/boyfriend relationship out of it because of the distance.

Anyways a couple of days ago I was talking to her online and at the same time working on an assignment where I had to write a fake obituary about myself and use it to tell my class more about myself, that was due the next day. Just for fun I sent it to her just to see what she thought of it so far. But soon after I sent it to her she told me she was starting to fall asleep so I let her go. Couple days later I was talking to her again and asked what she thought of my "obituary" when she said "you married me".

After she said that the hairs on the back of my neck stood up. I completely forgot that in the obituary, since generally in life people get married to other people with names, I gave myself a wife and used her name. It was completely embarrassing and I probably apologized a hundred times. I really didn't mean anything by using her name.

I just needed a name and I happened to be talking to her at the time. I told her that I didn't want it to seem like I was planning on marrying her or anything. She "laughed" (as much as you can laugh over the internet) and said it was alright and that it didn't bother her and that she promises it didn't creep her out.

But I still can't help thinking that I did something that was creepy and weird. I just don't want her to be apprehensive to talk to me now.

I've talked to her since then and everything seems fine but I can't help but wonder if what I did was really that bad or if I'm just over reacting because I like the girl?

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