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im a 22 yr old girl. ive been dating my bf for just about 4 yrs. last october i broke up with him due to underlying issues and that i started becoming interested in someone else. that someone else was an excoworker. the other guy ended up wanting to date me but still wanted to date other girls. i did not want something like that. needless to say it didnt pan out. my boyfriend and i worked out (or seem to of) our issues. he has incredible trust problems that he still cant seem to get rid of. the other day the excoworker texted me and began to tell me that he made a mistake not dating me and that he believes me and him are the 'best thing that never happened'. now more than ever i find myself curious as to what would happen between me and him. it drives me crazy some days. and i find myself thinking about him when im with my boyfriend. the other guy asked to take me out to dinner to see how things go bc we havent been in much contact lately. maybe if i did hang out with id find that i dont really want to be with him and maybe hed feel the same way. this all makes me wonder if im with my bf out of comfort or because i really love him. if i really loved him would i be thinking and entertaining the idea of dating someone else? cheating on my bf now isnt something id do, although i considered it. its hard for me to get over this other guy bc we never had the chance to try it out. i feel like the book is still open and i dont want to close it until i read a few chapters. i dont want to look back years from now and still wonder 'what if'.

im looking for some sound advice and opinions on what i should do.

ps - after me and my bf got back together i told him i was talking to the excoworker but we never actually hung out (completely true). i have not told him that he recently made contact with me or how i feel now.

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