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Hi all. I am really hurt because of my past relationship with this guy i knew for years and we were good friends and all was well until it developed into more then a friendship. We became more then friends but he told me he doesn't get emotionally attached. He also was wanting to have sex with me or talking with me on the phone about sex a lot, and he would talk about other things but mostly sex. He moved in with me and was distant at times and always had his cell phone attached to him when he seemed stressed out with me and it wasnt only then that he had his phone alot. When i brought up anything that bothered me he couldn't handle it and wouldnt talk to me for periods of time and told me he couldnt handle the stress i put him through. I saw this girl post on his facebook at midnight wondering where he was though she was from another state, when she was looking for him he was on the phone taking sexual to me and this was before he moved in. He claims he was friends with her for years so maybe it was that but im not sure. When i talked to him about it he got stressed out about it and defensive. Long story short he left to stay with his family then talked to me about coming back after a week and i decided i didnt want that so now he isnt living with me. So now we are still friends but i have a hard time letting him go, we decided to talk once in awhile and through txt and he will say at times he misses me, then he acts like a friend and i am trying to forget it all and move on and it's hard. I always wondered if he was a player or not but i guess i will never know. I miss him and feel like i made a mistake by having him move out but i know there is nothing i could do now. He hasnt had many relationships in his life or ones that lasted anyway. I just wonder if i should stop talking to him altogether cause i am hurt and in pain. The reason we talk i guess is cause we don't want to lose that friendship, but i can't go back to just being friends when we were already more then friends even if it wasnt for a long time. I'm not sure what to do, i am even going to counseling to help me with the stress, sadness etc...

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