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Immature boyfriend
Sep 12, 2010
i need some advice please. my boyfriend of 2 years can be very immature. if we have a disagreement or an argument he is all over his kids rubbing it in my face. he is not affectionate to his kids when we are getting on he doesnt pay them any attention and hes a pretty useless dad. but soon as we have a disagreement he is all over them never ending cuddles and kisses to try make me jealous. doesnt work. i just get frustrated as it is pathetic. he even gives me that *look* as if he knows what he is doing. he also doesnt speak to me or look at me and when hes talking i will speak to him when everyones having a conversation about something and he will ignore my words he will just speak and look at everybody else. everybody else like the kids and his friends that come round often. we had a disagreement 2 days ago and then we talked and everything was cool between us . it wasnt about anything major just silly stuff. then he decides to go all moody and distant from then AFTER we sorted things. feel really down.

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