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It might be long, but try to hang in there with me.

So it all started when she had a feeling that she was pregnant. I had a pregnancy test in my car from when she thought she was pregnant before, but this time, it was positive. We went out to buy another test just to make sure, and of course it came out positive again. Right after the test was taken, she asked me what we should do, and at this time I was a little shocked, so I wasn't thinking clearly, and I told her the decision is up to her. She decided we aren't ready for a baby, and that she didn't want her mom to know, for some reason, I agreed. Now, before this all happened, we were having the absolute BEST relationship I could ever ask for. I would see her almost every day, and we'd spend most of her days off going out and having fun. After she found out she was pregnant, I figured out the most likely day that it happened, because well, we hadn't had sex any other time that month except for that day. So by now, I believe she is around 9-10 weeks pregnant depending on when the egg actually implanted itself. So back to the story, things were going great, and I had absolutely no complains at all. All of a sudden, she started getting really distant as far as sitting next to each other, holding hands, kissing, talking, being intimate goes. As the days went on, it got worse. She finally told me that she needed some time alone, and well, I have never been in this situation before, so of course me being a guy, I was automatically confused as to what was going on. I started doing some research online and found arrows that pointed to hormones. So I decided to let her get some space between us, and started only picking her up from work, then dropping her off at her house, then going back home to mine. So things were going "okay" up to that point, then one day I figured I would ask her if she were in the mood to do anything, and she snapped and told me she was irritated and disgusted by me, she didn't want to kiss me or even see me. That day was rough, and we said a lot of things that probably shouldn't have been said. She told me that she believes we started the relationship off wrong and believes that we shouldn't have spent so much time together. I told her that I will be as supportive as I can, and she told me that our relationship was on thin ice, due to us "starting off wrong". Ever since I found out she was pregnant, I've tried to be as happy as I could when I saw her, I've tried to bring her food at work, after work, etc, I'd bring her soup and crackers because I know that she loves the soup and crackers from subway, and I also read that it helps settle her stomach. I've tried so hard to make it pleasant for her, even to the point where I'd just drop her off at her house and go home, even though doing that hurts me so much because there is nothing I'd love more than to be there with her and help her as much as I can. So after she told me that our relationship was on thin ice, but we'll try again, I found out that it was her day off the following day, so I texted her "hi" but got no reply, so I said "I understand you want your space, so if you want to talk to me or see me, please let me know" she replied an hour later saying "I would have texted you or gave you a call, just cool it down" and i said that I was sorry, and hoped she has a nice day, so she told me Its cool just forget it. That was probably my mistake too as she should be getting some space away from me right now. EDIT: She believes the relationship started off wrong because we always hung out, but isn't that how the start of relationships are supposed to be, in order to build up our trust between each other? Before she was pregnant she didn't complain at all, she would call me to come over all the time.

So my questions are:

Do you believe that these are truly her hormones causing her to act this way, or is this really the way she feels towards me?

She wants her space, and some time to herself, and I completely understand, and would like nothing more than to give it to her. Should I still pick her up from work and drop her off and leave? Or should I opt to have someone else do that for me, though I do love seeing her for just a short period of time, I don't know if that will make her anymore distant from me.

If all this is due to her hormones, when can I expect it to end?
I told her I'd try my best to make it work by getting enough jobs, and only going to school part time so i can take care of the baby so she wont have to worry about it much, but she states that she just doesn't think she's ready and she doesnt want to have to think about the baby when shes out. She then got really mad and irritated with me, so I just dropped the topic because I don't want our relationship to get any worse. Who knew having a baby was so complicated. Before she got pregnant, we were the happiest couple ever, or at least I was truely happy, I just want things to go back to normal.

Also, later on in the day, when we were talking, she stated "I love being alone" cuz i've been giving her space to herself .. is she really gonna leave me now ? cuz shes getting comfortable just being alone :(

And last but not least, would it be possible for her to lose feelings for me and gain them for another during a pregnancy ? Thank you for all your help. I'm so devastated.

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