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Thank you guys for your input. ive been doing research outside of this website too, and found hundreds of cases where women would feel like theyre not in love with thier boyfriends/husbands and end up being really mad and leaving them. I guess this is all part of the process of being pregnant, and I'm trying my hardest to understand the situation. although i must say, this is so hard to endure, even the thought of someone i love, not being able to love me is extremely hard on my emotions, and i Don't exactly know how to cope with it even though I'm 95% sure its her hormones. A thought keeps going through my mind of "What if for now she feels like she doesnt love me, then finds another guy .. " its so hard when theres no love at all coming from her, and her telling me that our relationship is on thin ice. I havnt seen her in 4 days, but today is our "monthaversary" so i feel the need to buy her something nice and taking her out to eat. I hope that she accepts my gesture, and maybe, just maybe, some of her feelings will come back for me ? am i wrong to think that another guy might come along or am i just paranoid because my last gf left me for another ? who knew life was so tough :(

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