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I've lived with my partner for a year now, a few months ago we decided to start trying for a child, we fell pregnant almost straight away and now i'm just over 3 months pregnant.

Yesterday I was using his laptop for some work as mine does not have a word processor installed. I decided to also check my email etc online. After this I opened facebook, and used to my account being logged in automatically, I assumed I was already logged in. It showed I had an inbox message so i clicked on it and found out I was logged into my partners account. I saw a message from him to an old girlfriend saying "obviously I can't comment on it, but you look pretty damn sexy on your profile pic xx" and a message back saying "why thank you darling xxxx"

I confronted him about it and he said that her son's dad had just left, she was feeling really low and he was just trying to cheer her up, he insisted it was an innocent comment. My point was, if it was so innocent, why couldn't he comment on her picture... he said because he knew I'd react like I had. I said that if he knew I'd react like this then why did he do it in the first place?

First of all, I dont know wether to believe him. I dont know if it was just one comment or if he's been cheating with her for a while! I dont believe he was 'trying to cheer her up' and even if he was in my mind that was NOT the way to do it!

He knows how unhappy I am about it and now every time he gets a text on his mobile I think it's her, every time he's been late home from work recently i'm wondering if he was with her. I feel as though I can't trust him and I dont want to turn into a paranoid wreck... especially with a baby on the way. Can trust be rebuilt once it's been broken? Or are some people not capable of forgiveness? I'm trying but this is so hard!!!
I have only been seeing my boyfriend for a few months now, but 2 weeks into our relationship he text me while I was at work and said he had forgotten he had plans to go have a few drinks with coworkers on Friday night. I figured that was fine. Well, the next night we were supposed to be going to a mutual friend's bachelorette party together and he didn't show up, plus I had not heard from him or been able to get a hold of him all day. This was on a Saturday. I finally got a text from him about 6:30pm Sunday night, 2 days later, saying he sent me a message online. The message said "sorry for the disappearing act yesterday, but I had some unfinished business with an ex-girlfriend that told me she wanted to see other people through a text the same day we started seeing each other" I Immediately called him and he said the coworkers party lasted til 8am so he spent the whole day Saturday at his ex-girlfriends house and slept and they talked. When I asked him if anything happened between them he said no. About a week or 2 later I got an email from her on the same site he had sent me the email and she told me they were still seeing each other when he spent the night with her and something DID happen between them. He still denies to this day that anything happened but I don't believe him. He has told me stories that he cheated on every girlfriend he had through high school. He often had 3 girlfriends at a time. He still does strange things that don't make any sense to me and make me feel suspicious, but he says I am being paranoid. He will walk out of the house just to make a phone call, or the other day he actually went in the garage because it was starting to rain. We recently both said we were going to quit smoking also, and he lied about the fact that he was still smoking, I saw out the window in the driveway open a brand new pack of cigarettes as soon as he got in the car. I called him to tell him he left his work badge on the counter so told him to put his cigarette out and come back to get it, and he told me he wasn't smoking. My question is if he can lie to me about such little things like smoking am I wrong to not trust him.

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