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2 weeks into mine and my boyfriends relationship he disappeared for 2 days. He had text me on a Friday saying he forgot he had plans to go for a few drinks with coworkers after work. We had plans to go to a party the next day, Saturday, but I couldn't get a hold of him. He did not get a hold of me until 6pm on Sunday. When I finally heard from him he said "sorry for the disappearing act, I had unfinished business with an ex-girlfriend." He told me the coworker party lasted until 8am on Saturday and he spent the day Saturday sleeping at his ex-girlfriend's house and they talked. I asked him if anything happened between them and he said no. About 2 weeks later I got a message from her online saying that there was no party that she knew of with coworkers and that he had dinner with her and her daughter, and they slept together. She said they were still seeing each other until she found out about me 2 weeks after that night. He still does things that seem suspicious to me, but he claims I am being paranoid. Yesterday he said he went for a job interview. He called me after the interview and said he was going to his friend's house to visit. After he got home I saw he had a change of clothes hanging on the back of the kitchen chair. I asked him what they were for and he said he changed clothes at his friend's because he didn't want to wear dress clothes to hang out. I asked why he didn't tell me he was planning on going to his friend's when he talked to me before his interview. His response was, "I didn't realize I needed permission." On Sunday he said he was going to call his kids, but he hid in the garage to call them. He always goes outside when he makes a phone call, instead of calling in the house. I do not understand the strange behaviors he has and after the incident with the other woman I feel I can not trust him. One other night recently he claimed he couldn't sleep, and when I got up to go to the bathroom he was outside. When I questioned him he said I was being paranoid then to. He has told me stories about how often he cheated or dated multiple girls at the same time in high school. He recently lost his job so he is home all day while I am at work so I worry what kind of trouble he is getting into while I am gone.

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