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I'm 23 and while as modest as I am I would like to think that I'm a really nice guy. I accept people for who they are and treat everyone with respect, especially women. I have never purposely hurt or insulted one. Generally i've tried to treat women the way I always hear they want to be treated.

My girlfriend of two years broke up with me last October and it was/it has been pretty rough on me. Not so much now as it was back in the Spring but I still think about her often (even though I don't want to). Since the break up I decided to change and quite being the quiet guy that never goes out. I started to put myself out there and meet as many people as possible all while staying a nice guy.

What this has got me is nothing but rejection and failure with women for 8 months straight and it just makes me feel more and more lonesome and more and more like being a nice guy is not very nice.

I have a roommate/friend, and while he is my friend I feel he doesn't treat women with the greatest respect. He's nicer than most, but he's still done some stupid things. He's slept with a girl the same day he got in a fight with his girlfriend at the time, then the very next week I saw him get drunk slap the girl he slept with and then hit his girlfriend in the face. All in the same night. He's "hooked up" with girls for a one time thing despite them wanting relationships. And despite claiming to love his on/off girlfriend (the same he hit in the face)who is a few hours away at college, he still tries to date other women because he says "they're not officially dating" anymore. Even though this past weekend he drove all the way to where she was to surprise her for the weekend, he's already planning a date with someone else back home here.

Despite how he's treated women he seems to have no problem meeting any yet here I am being nice and getting the cold shoulder. There have been several times where i've met people on several occasions yet they don't remember my name. I can't even tell you how many times people have literally just walked away from me while im in the middle of a conversation with them, like mid sentence.

The general question here is why the heck do nice guys like myself always get treated like crap? I would like to think I don't have to act like an a-hole to get girls to like me or have to wait till im 30 before women start to appreciate the way I am.

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